About The Minks

12 Months – 12 People – 12 Stories: this is the London People Project

Since moving to London in September 2014, we have been roaming the streets and exploring different districts in London. While discovering new places we meet many curious, interesting and inspiring people.
For each person we create one art project. These projects include photography, prose, politics, painting and design. The twelve single projects will be combined in a master project and presented in an exhibition format.

These 12 acquaintances are featured over the time period of one year. We elicit political opinions, look for reasons and sources of inspiration that are underlaying to their respective creativity. A person evolves to a multilayer image. Societal boundaries are disregarded by a holistic perspective that features the true person.

To what extent is a person individualistic and what does someone identify with? How important is nationality and how significant is a persons heritage generally in a metropolitan city like London? Which importance has Art and Design in shaping our society?


Our project was born out of a dream at night. This random dream started to condense over sushi and British Ale to form “The Minks – The London People Project”.

We “The Minks” are Anna Nerz-Jost and Raphael Nerz, a young Swiss couple.

A mink (nerz) is a very small cute furry animal, better known when mentioned in connection with an expensive fur coat. (Needless to say, we rather pet them than to see them suffer for garments.)

Anna Nerz-Jost has been working as a product and industrial designer, has launched a bag label and did her masters degree in product management.

Raphael Nerz was a professional snowboarder, studied economics and politics and is now in his master’s course at Queen Mary University majoring in International Relations.

We share the passion for flat whites, sushi, meeting new people, snowboarding, rock climbing, painting, photography and travelling the world.