My anti-miracles

What’s a miracle you’ve encountered in your life?
In my life there were many “anti-miracles”. One big one was that the woman of my dreams, whom I met when I was a young man and lost sight of while doing what I did at that time, was already married when I saw her again. In my dreams I was always going to finish school, make some money and marry her. That was always the plan but then she was already gone when the right time had come for me. That’s an anti-miracle for me. Another one was my father. He was a great great man but he never was the kind of father I needed. I needed a father to spend time with and dream about life, the future and whatnot. However, he was never present in these situations. I received many things from my father but not his time. That may be another anti-miracle for me.
The Minks_Interview_Fire Tuba_London-90One last story that may be called a miracle, now that I am looking back, was when I encountered a huge stash of machine gun ammunition somewhere in the fields as a seven-year-old. It took me three days in total to dig it all out and bring it home, to then stash in a self-made little basement. Just the thought of myself doing all this as a seven year old and not getting hurt at all, that’s a miracle I suppose.

Christopher Werkowicz is a busker in London, who built his own fire breathing tuba.


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