On cats and cereals changing Bethnal Green

Would it not bother you if Bethnal Green changed then?
Yeah a bit gentrified. But you know what. I’d like the area to be a bit nicer. I grew up when it was rougher in the area around where I grew up here. Do you know what I mean, it was like pubs were dingy. Sometimes I get an argument about that because it get’s a bit too fancy, but I like all the nice things, like you coming in trendier people. Do you know what I mean? I like the change of people that is coming in, it’s nice. Because this area has always changed. It used to be a big Jewish area, a big Muslim are now. But now it’s getting gentrified, now it’s getting trendy area. But I don’t mind it, I like it, some people complain about oh all the trendies, but you got a cat emporium down the street it’s like a caff for cats, we call it the pussy parlour me and my sister. But they call it the cat and emporium.
The Minks_N Pellicci_Interview_London-27And there is a cereal bar, have you seen it? It’s like all American cereal and they charge for a bowl a quarter or something. (You can find that bar on Bricklane it’s called the Cereal Killer Cafe). The Minks_N Pellicci_Interview_London-37But time has changed, people changed our menu has changed we have started doing things we have never done before. You gotta move with the time, you got different sort of customers. We get a lovely mix of people. We get cab drivers, we get travellers people we get doctors, I get everything, I get photographers, but all sorts of lives come in and we try to treat everyone the same. So that’s I think why people like it we don’t say you are like this or like that, as long as they are good nice people I don’t care, as long as they are not rude I serve them. I don’t care if you’re black, white, Indian, whatever you are, as long as you are nice people I serve you. We treat you nice, you should treat us nice.The Minks_N Pellicci_Interview_London-33Nevio Pellicci is part of the family running E. Pellicci on Bethnal Green Road.


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