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Sunday Flashback – London Escape To Brighton

Welcome to the world of pebble beaches, rides on a pier, burnt bellies, art galleries and pretty cafes. This is Brighton.The Minks in Brighton Photography

The Minks in Brighton Photography The Minks in Brighton Photography The Minks in Brighton PhotographyThis image was what we expected of Brighton…
The Minks in Brighton PhotographyThe Minks in Brighton Photography The Minks in Brighton PhotographyThe Minks in Brighton Photography“Mommy, what are they doing??” (He really did say that!)
The Minks in Brighton PhotographyAn unexpected building in the style of a mosque or Indian temple – the royal pavilion of King George Prince of Whales. Orientalism in its purest form.The Minks in Brighton PhotographyThe Minks in Brighton Photography


East London Sports


Two months ago we featured Tony Margiotta, who was very concerned about kids’ health, saying “They just need to get out and do more sports, man!” – We agree, especially with spring here and summer just around the corner. Plus there are plenty free sports grounds, parks, canals…The Minks_Clapton_London_Sports-8We checked out a few places in our neighbourhood. We want to know what happened to the basketball nets. Can anyone tell us where they flew off to?
The Minks_Clapton_London_Art and Sports-65The Minks_Clapton_London_Art and Sports-65 The Minks_Clapton_London_Art and Sports-65This is a real cockney dog, who never gets tired of running back and forth between his two owners trying to get his chewed up ball.The Minks_Clapton_London_Art and Sports-65The two dog owners – father and son.The Minks_Clapton_London_Art and Sports-67The Minks_Clapton_London_Art and Sports-65 The Minks_Clapton_London_Art and Sports-65The Minks_Clapton_London_Art and Sports-65 The Minks_Clapton_London_Sports-12Tennis courts in London are mostly made of painted asphalt. So far we’ve not seen a sand or lawn court, maybe they are hidden on private property or in the west.The Minks_Clapton_London_Sports-14


Londongetaway to Richmond

Arriving in Richmond at the green beds of the calmly moving Thames you could be in a different part of Europe. The main bridge has a very Italian feel, only the dark grey clouds bring you back to the British island.TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_Richmond-4 TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_Richmond-4 TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_Richmond-4This musician probably was inspired by the Beatles song Come Together “He had hair down to his knee, got to be a joker he just do what he please…” because the Rasta you see tied around his neck even passed the knees!
TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_Richmond-4Richmond is a very rich area in western London. The only thing disturbing the idyllic suburbia are airplanes almost brushing the roofs when heading for Heathrow.TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_RichmondThe most amazing thing about Richmond is the Royal Park with herds of tame Red and Fallow deer roaming the largest enclosed space in London. You can walk up as close as a few meters without them getting disturbed by your presence or that of dogs.
TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_Richmond-4TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_RichmondTheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_RichmondTheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_RichmondTheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_Richmond TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_RichmondNot all houses are as fine as you’d expect them to be around this area, but they surely have their charm.


A neighbourhood with opaque tights and long beards.

What do you call your neighbourhood in London? South Tottenham
The Minks _ Hesidic Jews Stamford Hill
The street where Lois lives is just on the border to Stamford Hill, which is known for the largest Hasidic Jewish Community in Europe with over 30’000 Hasidic Jews. As they keep very much to their closed circles you don’t get to know about their traditions. One documentary by BBC about a Hasidic drug dealer from Stamford Hill lets you look behind closed doors. For example you find out that the Hasidic have their own telephone book, first aid ambulance run by volunteers, they drink and party hard during certain festivities and also if it’s ok to look into Jewish men’s eyes if you are a woman.
The Minks _ Hesidic Jews Stamford Hill The Minks _ Hesidic Jews Stamford Hill The Minks _ Hesidic Jews Stamford Hill The Minks _ Hesidic Jews Stamford Hill

We met Lois Anderson when staying at her cozy place in South Tottenham for two weeks. We got a chance to interview her at her lovely stone carving studio in North London.


Born and bred in Clapham

What do you call your neighbourhood in London, Tony?
I’d say my neighbourhood is where I was born and bred, it’s a place called Clapham Common, which is in Southwest London. It’s a cool place near Battersea.

Do you remember the famous album cover by Pink Floyd with the iconic Power Station on it? Many things are changing around Battersea. The chimneys are being dismantled and rebuilt, which will take approximately two years. Then apartment buildings designed by Foster & Partners and Gehry & Partners are built around the station. The power station, will then be converted into a commerce and fitness area. For more information on the development visit this link of the Battersea Power Station.
The Minks_Battersea_Powerplant_LondonThe Minks_Battersea_LondonThe Minks_Battersea_Powerplant_LondonThe Minks_Battersea Power Plant_London



Londongetaway – To the Green Meadows

We believe to have found the most beautiful rugby fields!
TheMinks_London People Project_Beachy Head-95
There is times when the world appears to us in clear cut lines and colors. “Between the lines”
TheMinks_London People Project_Beachy Head-102
A collaboration between farmers and landscape planers can not be barred from indeed.
The-Minks at Seven Sisters England SunsetThe grass really feels softer and the green looks greener when your running towards such a sunset.
The-Minks at Seven Sisters EnglandSoutheast England, Seven Sisters Coastline.



Tree Rituals

The Minks _ London Trim Your TreeSupposedly the Christmas Tree became fashionable in England during Victorian times, when Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert brought a fir tree from Germany and the family was portrayed around their decorated tree in 1841 by a national newspaper.
The Minks _ London Trim Your Tree
It seems to be a difficult decision for some couples which tree to decorate their living room with. Others we found as confident owners…
The Minks _ London Trim Your Tree


Londongetaway – Belle Tout Lighthouse

Beachy Head saw numerous ship wrecks in the 17th and 18th century. To prevent more ships from crashing this granite lighthouse was built and started operating in 1834, requiring over 7 litres of oil every hour to fuel the 30 oil lamps.
London getaway The Minks Belle Tout Lighthouse The Minks Belle Tout is probably one of the only bed and breakfasts with a living room up in a light tower. You can check it out here.Belle Tout Lighthouse The Minks Belle Tout Lighthouse The Minks Seven Sisters The Minks Belle Tout Lighthouse was moved in one piece 17 meters back from the cliff to prevent it from crashing down, due to erosion.


Mad Santas in London

The Minks at the Santa Crawl in LondonThe first ‘Santa Con’ (also referred to as Santarchy, Santa Rampage, or Santa Crawl) took place in San Francisco in 1994. A pub crawl with people dressed up in Christmas costumes which takes place for absolutely no reason at all, as the organisers say. The Minks at the Santa Crawl in LondonIf you want to know more about the Santacon and already learn the slightly abbreviated Santa songs to go along with Santa crawlers drink favourites, you can check the Santacon UK site here.
The Minks at the Santa Crawl in LondonSupposedly it’s important to dress in layers, as the crawl takes all day on a Saturday in December. And London does get cold. Maybe this girl’s cleavage has integrated heating. ;)The Minks Santacon The Minks Santacon


Londongetaway – The Pleasure Pier

Taking a Southbound train from London Victoria you end up in Eastbourne, 1.5 hours later. Getting of the train, a salty breeze catches your hair. After you walked through the small shopping street, past people in sweatpants eating fish and chips you reach a beautiful old “Pleasure Pier” with mostly elderly people enjoying a walk in the sun.
TheMinks_Eastbourne_PierWork for the pier began in 1866 with a capital of 15,000£ and was opened by Lord Edward Cavendish four years later. The etching below is from year 1870.
Eastbourne_pier_1870The pier was partially destroyed in a fire this summer, 30 July 2014. Nevertheless, the central dome’s steel structure was quite fascinating.
TheMinks_London People Project_Beachy Head-50TheMinks_Eastbourne_Pier_2 The Minks _ EastbourneThe fairytale Pleasure Pier brings a bit of Cinderella Disney World Feeling to Southeast England. Thanks for the lovely day Eastbourne!
east bourne the minks


Join us to see behind the scenes of the fashion label Komana

Komana is an organic clothing label characterised by its bespoke screen printing. The striking patterns mostly in black and white are a creation of Livia Henne a Swiss textile designer living in London for over 14 years who has been building the brand KOMANA together with her sister Nina on and off for about eight years. She graduated from Central St. Martins in London majoring in textile design. Ever since she has been inspired by victorian oddities, her mother and various little objects and print masters from the past. Komana is in fact a phantasy name from Livia’s childhood games, which in our opinion is reflected in her prints – a combination of hand painted patterns and phantasy creatures.

We met Livia Henne in her airy studio in an old victorian house with sunbeams catching her hair, stacks of fabrics and inspiration on her wall. Her newest collection was inspired by african face paintings. To get a feeling of the black and white dot scheme watch this image clip directed by Robert Hackett.

The Minks at Komana Studio meeting Livia Henne

What comes naturally when designing, Livia said, are paintings that are a personification of nature. A bird becomes a person, the moon turns into a face which then is the shape of a little white round backpack.

The Minks at Komana Studio meeting Livia Henne

The Minks at Komana Studio meeting Livia Henne

Her favourite pieces in her new collection are the ponchos. They are easy and fast to wear and have a striking black white pattern of birds and other fantasy creatures. We helped her print a set of ponchos at the printshop with big screens 150cm x 60cm large. See the post on the komana printshop production here.

The Minks at Komana Studio meeting Livia Henne

The Minks at Komana Studio meeting Livia Henne

Since 2013 the two sisters are involved in a tree planting project in Dosso, Niger. For each garment produced a seedling has been bought to help fight against desertification. If you buy an organic Komana piece you get an URL directing you to the specific tree you planted with buying the shirt or leggings. You can find more on tree-nation here.

The Minks at Komana Studio meeting Livia Henne

The story about the headless boy

Livia Henne grew up in a grey sand stone stone house with lovely art deco coloured windows on the sunny side of Lake Zurich in Switzerland. She moved to London in her early twenties to work and study. We met her at her house in London to talk about art, design and the stories behind one of her many collected objects.

How has art and design effected you as a person?
I grew up with a mom collecting art so its been from my birth on that there has always been crazy drawings and painting hanging in our rooms, so it has always been a part of my life.

You also have a lot of art pieces in your house…
Yes we do and we are actually very unsnobby about it. There are paintings that were maybe 3 pounds at the thrift store and others we have that are worth a number that includes a couple more zeros but they all have their adequate space. Each piece has a story attached to it and it’s not necessarily the materialistic value that’s important.

You have a house full of beautiful gadgets. Please tell us a story about one of them.


How about that little boy over there, Phil Plymouth a mannequin made in Paris. A few years back when I was running a concept store with my best friend Elise called Bacon Street Project. We were hosting music and general entertainment events and also collected and sold interesting art and gadgets from thrift stores and wherever we could find something on flee markets. That’s how I ran into him apparently. He came with a head though he looked extremely freaky and that’s why it got taken from him at a certain point. We kept him. For some time he used to have a trumpet sticking out instead of his head and now he’s wearing Felix’s hat, which he forgot here. So during our time that we used to run our concept store we at times got so attached to some of the things we originally planned to sell that we ended up keeping them. So when a potential buyer actually came along we would make up silly numbers just so the person wouldn’t buy the pieces. Needless to say we eventually had to close our concept store. Maybe for that reason. That’s why I own so many gadgets from that period today.

Where was that store at?
Bricklane, Bacon Street. The actual reason to close down was, that we ended up doing many more events than originally planned and the space was just not right for it. 

The Minks_Photography_Komana_East London

Here is a very old Link to the Bacon Street Store/Art/Event Project.


Vintage, Graffiti and a lot of Curry

Bricklane is a vibrant street in the East End of London. It’s known for vintage stores, street art and events in the Truman Brewery and the Carpark. But if you’re there for the first time you mainly get an experience of curry restaurant hustlers, who try to lure you into the shops, with the best deals for a meal…
The Minks Bricklane Store Vintage Airplane
If you love good and old, than this place will make you fly.
The Minks London Streetphotography Bricklane Streetart
Red head about to receive a massive feather hug.
How Bricklane street artists get to earth and back to the moon.
Christmas in residence and paper spring blooms on the walls.
The Minks in London Soho