The Colonial Hangover

Britain and the EU to stay or to go?
OH wow — to stay. Having said that I’m quite interested in the conversation that is going to happen because I got friends that feel strongly both ways. So I feel like I need to kind of find out and listen a bit more. Right now I’d stay. I don’t know why. I have not found a convincing reason to go.
The Minks _ Bernadette Russell_ The Storyteller-223 The Minks _ Bernadette Russell_ The Storyteller-243
What’s your convincing reason to stay?
It is a kind of a silly emotional reason that I would like to feel connected to Europe. It feels sensible in a business way because there are things in place that will not be improved by leaving, and just feels like it’s better being part of a family of nations rather than being on our own. Also it feels sometimes like being against it it’s just some sort of colonial hangover of being Great Britain. I’d rather be in a family really.
The Minks _ Bernadette Russell_ The Storyteller-225
We first saw Bernadette in a white rabbit costume at a story telling evening organised by her collective The White Rabbit.


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