The transvestite next to the nun

What do you love about London?
I like that you can walk down the street and you can hear dozens of different languages and you can buy dozens of different foods and you can see people of all different shapes and sizes. You can walk on a street and see a seven feet transvestite, next to a sort of nun and a suited city person. I like the variety and that you can get sort of lost in that. I don’t think either one of them would turn a head and that’s what I like.The Minks

And also it’s full of stories, amazing stories from all over the world and ventures. It’s rich of history. Every time you walk down the street anywhere you walk. I mean it’s true for the world. Obviously the world is as old everywhere, but in London you feel like you are treading on the bones on the pottery and the houses and the foundations and the secrets and the letters and the tears and the blood and the sweat of all those thousands and thousands of Londoners that have been here before you. That’s good walking.The Minks Photography_Deptford-43 The Minks Photography_Deptford-45

What do you dislike about London?
The pollution. I’ve got really bad asthma.


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