Dreams becoming stories

Do you feel like your dreams link into your short stories in one way or another?
Yeah I’m doing it quite deliberately now so they are inspired by a fragment that somebody said to me and then I got interested in the idea of writing short stories based on somebody else’s dream. Even if that dream is kind of dull about the launderette. So I use that as a subconscious kind of inspiration. Like a little scrap of something bigger.
BED project Dreams The Minks

But did that originally start with you and your own dreams?
Yes it started with my own dream because I kind of wanted to make sense of the house dream I’m having and I did actually and various other things that have come through my dreams I’ve written about it.

But now I’m more interested in other people’s dreams. I think it’s a generous thing if you let someone use your dreams for material for use of something. It’s quite an interesting exchange for something.

The-Minks_BED_Bernadette Russel_The London People Project-82We first saw Bernadette Russell in a white rabbit costume at the Alice in Wonderland themed story telling night organised by The White Rabbit collective.



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