Is there a need in your community that should be tackled politically?
To be honest, coming from a country such as Poland I see London as a widely well structured, well regulated place. The busking community has its rules. You sign up with the council and receive a permit. It’s very inclusive and people are very respectful in general. Whether it’s car drivers that manage to make their way trough London’s narrow streets or just the occasional, recognizing nod when you’re passing someone on the street. There is no classical Londoner as such and people have learned in this place to live next to different cultures and sub cultures, habits and ideologies. People respect each other that’s what it is I guess. I respect all of this a lot.The Minks_Interview_Fire Tuba_LondonChristopher Werkowicz is London’s fire tuba player. We met him for an interview on Trafalgar Square.


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