Lost Property Office

All of my work is about trying to provide the opportunity for people to share their stories.

I have done a project called “lost property office”. And I interviewed about 1,000 people in the end about what they have lost. But not things like a shoe, but things like lost sense of humour, like lost virginity, lost temper. And they would tell me their story and I would write them down and attached it to an object that represented the thing that they have lost and opened a big museum of things that people have lost and people came in and shared the stories about things they had lost and they were funny and sad. I recorded them and there were lots of people talking. And as people came in and heard each others stories they started talking to each other. The Minks _ Bernadette Russell_ The Storyteller-242The Minks _ Bernadette Russell_ The Storyteller-249The MinksWe first saw Bernadette Russell in a white rabbit costume at the Alice in Wonderland themed story telling night organised by The White Rabbit collective.


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