About Mary and the Donkey

Was there a turning point in life where a switch happened?
When I was really shy and about five, my teacher was choosing the school nativity play. And I remember crossing my fingers thinking I never get picked, and I didn’t get picked because I was ridiculously shy. And then she picked me to play the donkey. I know a lot of people wouldn’t be pleased with that because it isn’t a major role, but I was really pleased. I got coconut shells it was brilliant. And then the next year I was Mary. And everyone really liked me as a donkey and as Mary. I was funny, I didn’t think I was funny, but I was probably inappropriately funny as Mary. And I was thinking this was the life for me. And my next role was Nancy in a school production of Oliver.The Minks Photography and ART Bernadette RussellWe first met Bernadette when she was from head to toe a white rabbit reading stories inspired by Alice in Wonderland at the Toynbee Studios. A lovely evening organised by The White Rabbit Collective.


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