Let’s talk politics

Is there a need in your community that should be tackled politically?
Drugs, big drug issues but I think that is all over the place really. Lot’s of crack heads and heroin users around here. But I think that is anywhere in London. You could say housing or pull up a number of different issues. I guess one thing that I would like to see would be if they would start making the area a bit nicer. I don’t know, maybe make the area a bit nicer for all the people in the community. When I grew up here there was still many nice clothing shops and other nice places. Today you don’t get that. I mean there is lots of Sari shops around here and them little pound shops and things like that. But We would need it to be a bit nicer. The people in the area are changing so much so quickly. It would be nice to have a good men’s clothing shop here so you wouldn’t have to go to the West End or Westfield all the time whenever you need something. Like a Marks and Spencer or… you know what I mean? Just to make the high street a bit nicer. And maybe make the market a bit nicer cause on the market they all sell the same clothes or all the same fruit and vegetables. I don’t know who buys it but people must buy it. A bit more of a mix would be nice, like Broadway market. That is a great little market that is there.The Minks_N Pellicci_Interview_London-4The Minks_N Pellicci_Interview_London-10The Minks_N Pellicci_Interview_London-17The Minks_N Pellicci_Interview_London-18The Minks_N Pellicci_Interview_London-15

We met Nevio at E. Pellicci for an interview on Bethnal Green Road.



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