The Polish in London

There is a growing Polish community in London. Do you have many Polish friends here?
The Minks_Interview_Fire Tuba_London-1Not too much. When I moved to London I came here to do basking and I met many Polish people that are not of nicest kind; homeless, drinkers, not bandits but aggressive. And it was the first time for me to see this many drunken Polish women sleeping on the streets. There are obviously not only Polish people on London’s streets struggling with live, but it hurts me most to see my countrymen and women like this. But as I am doing my own thing and have my own challenges every day, I try to avoid such people mostly.
The Minks_Interview_Fire Tuba_London
We first saw basker Christopher Werkowicz in front of the Science Museum playing his self-invented fire puffing tuba.


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