On how to stop wars

Is there a need in community that you would like to see politicians address? Absolutely.

How would you go about doing so?
I think people dislike each other and go to war with each other and hate each other and fight because they don’t know each other’s stories. First of all I think kindness is the most important in the world. But a very close second to that I think that stories are very important thing. Because if you hear somebody’s story. For example if somebody pushes past you in the bus and is really fed up with you, you think that person is an idiot — why are you rude to me in the morning — and you’ve made your decision about that person. But if you knew their story, if you knew the reason that they are cross you wouldn’t make that judgement.

I think sharing stories could stop wars, change the world and could make people love each other instead of hating each other.
The Minks _ Bernadette Russell_ The Storyteller-239And reading a story from a novelist from another country could mean that you may better understand them.The Minks PhotographyIn a smaller way with social media they are stories as well and we have a responsibility to the stories that we tell. You can think blindly on facebook “Oh I hate so and so or he’s an idiot”. I don’t think you should put that story out there — it’s negative.
The Minks _ Bernadette Russell_ The Storyteller-241I think everyone is a storyteller and your responsibility as a human being is to make it a good one. Your moral responsibility is that it is one that puts love into the world.

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