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Art inspired by the Spitalfields City Farm manager

The Minks_Art_anjo_for Mhairi Weir_Spitalfields City Farm-14
We portrayed Mhairi Weir in August as the 10th person of our art project. She runs the Spitalfields City Farm. A lot of it is about community work and bringing people together. The Minks_Art_anjo_Spitalfields Cityfarm-6My painting is inspired by Mhairi’s inclusive personality, the need she sees in open green spaces to bring people together. The massive Bengali squash which grow in locked up green houses so they aren’t stolen also left quite a vivid image in my head. The colour spectrum I used reflects Mhairi’s material she thinks would best describe her, which is red velvet as well as her favourite colour brown. The big circle is a reference to the talking quilt project Mhairi Weir launched, where all sorts of people from the Spitalfield area got together to stitch a patch of quilt and record their story about heritage and food. The green area in the background symbolises the shape of Spitalfields Park and Farm – an open green space.The Minks_Art_anjo_for Mhairi Weir_Spitalfields City Farm-8 The Minks_Art_anjo_for Mhairi Weir_Spitalfields City Farm-2The Minks_Art_anjo_Spitalfields Cityfarm-2 The Minks_Art_anjo_Spitalfields Cityfarm-1The result was a 30x20cm large oil painting with multiple layers of glazed oils and scraped away patterns.