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Tree Rituals

The Minks _ London Trim Your TreeSupposedly the Christmas Tree became fashionable in England during Victorian times, when Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert brought a fir tree from Germany and the family was portrayed around their decorated tree in 1841 by a national newspaper.
The Minks _ London Trim Your Tree
It seems to be a difficult decision for some couples which tree to decorate their living room with. Others we found as confident owners…
The Minks _ London Trim Your Tree


Mad Santas in London

The Minks at the Santa Crawl in LondonThe first ‘Santa Con’ (also referred to as Santarchy, Santa Rampage, or Santa Crawl) took place in San Francisco in 1994. A pub crawl with people dressed up in Christmas costumes which takes place for absolutely no reason at all, as the organisers say. The Minks at the Santa Crawl in LondonIf you want to know more about the Santacon and already learn the slightly abbreviated Santa songs to go along with Santa crawlers drink favourites, you can check the Santacon UK site here.
The Minks at the Santa Crawl in LondonSupposedly it’s important to dress in layers, as the crawl takes all day on a Saturday in December. And London does get cold. Maybe this girl’s cleavage has integrated heating. ;)The Minks Santacon The Minks Santacon