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Londongetaway to Richmond

Arriving in Richmond at the green beds of the calmly moving Thames you could be in a different part of Europe. The main bridge has a very Italian feel, only the dark grey clouds bring you back to the British island.TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_Richmond-4 TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_Richmond-4 TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_Richmond-4This musician probably was inspired by the Beatles song Come Together “He had hair down to his knee, got to be a joker he just do what he please…” because the Rasta you see tied around his neck even passed the knees!
TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_Richmond-4Richmond is a very rich area in western London. The only thing disturbing the idyllic suburbia are airplanes almost brushing the roofs when heading for Heathrow.TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_RichmondThe most amazing thing about Richmond is the Royal Park with herds of tame Red and Fallow deer roaming the largest enclosed space in London. You can walk up as close as a few meters without them getting disturbed by your presence or that of dogs.
TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_Richmond-4TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_RichmondTheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_RichmondTheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_RichmondTheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_Richmond TheMinks_LondonPeopleProject_RichmondNot all houses are as fine as you’d expect them to be around this area, but they surely have their charm.


Londongetaway – To the Green Meadows

We believe to have found the most beautiful rugby fields!
TheMinks_London People Project_Beachy Head-95
There is times when the world appears to us in clear cut lines and colors. “Between the lines”
TheMinks_London People Project_Beachy Head-102
A collaboration between farmers and landscape planers can not be barred from indeed.
The-Minks at Seven Sisters England SunsetThe grass really feels softer and the green looks greener when your running towards such a sunset.
The-Minks at Seven Sisters EnglandSoutheast England, Seven Sisters Coastline.



Londongetaway – Belle Tout Lighthouse

Beachy Head saw numerous ship wrecks in the 17th and 18th century. To prevent more ships from crashing this granite lighthouse was built and started operating in 1834, requiring over 7 litres of oil every hour to fuel the 30 oil lamps.
London getaway The Minks Belle Tout Lighthouse The Minks Belle Tout is probably one of the only bed and breakfasts with a living room up in a light tower. You can check it out here.Belle Tout Lighthouse The Minks Belle Tout Lighthouse The Minks Seven Sisters The Minks Belle Tout Lighthouse was moved in one piece 17 meters back from the cliff to prevent it from crashing down, due to erosion.


Londongetaway – The Pleasure Pier

Taking a Southbound train from London Victoria you end up in Eastbourne, 1.5 hours later. Getting of the train, a salty breeze catches your hair. After you walked through the small shopping street, past people in sweatpants eating fish and chips you reach a beautiful old “Pleasure Pier” with mostly elderly people enjoying a walk in the sun.
TheMinks_Eastbourne_PierWork for the pier began in 1866 with a capital of 15,000£ and was opened by Lord Edward Cavendish four years later. The etching below is from year 1870.
Eastbourne_pier_1870The pier was partially destroyed in a fire this summer, 30 July 2014. Nevertheless, the central dome’s steel structure was quite fascinating.
TheMinks_London People Project_Beachy Head-50TheMinks_Eastbourne_Pier_2 The Minks _ EastbourneThe fairytale Pleasure Pier brings a bit of Cinderella Disney World Feeling to Southeast England. Thanks for the lovely day Eastbourne!
east bourne the minks