The Fire Tuba Player

Now the days have become longer again and The London People Project’s first stage reaches an end. The quest for our 12th person was eventually successful, as we re-found our long lost fire tuba player.

One Sunday I thought to myself that I would go check if he would be playing at Columbia Road Flower Market but in the end never made it there. Luckily when walking to South Kensington from having visited the Serpentine Summer Pavilion, I noticed a guy with a packed up tuba leaning against the Science Museum wall. I asked him if he was the fire tuba player and if he’d be interested in being our last person for the London People Project.

May we introduce to you London’s famous fire tuba player Christopher Werkowicz.
The Minks_Interview_Fire Tuba_London

What is your full name?
Chris. My full name is Christopher John Werkowicz. There is a John tradition in my family. My father, grandfather and grand-grandfather all were Johns.

Where do you come from?
I am from Poland originally. I was born about 20km from the capitol of Poland that is Warsaw. A small city with around 100’000 people. It’s a very nice and green place. Very quiet.


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